dFm is a diversified media group that operates three distinct companies; a creative agency + content studio in WestwoodWestwood, a commerce platform in Basic Space, and print publication in Mirage Magazine. Since the inception and early days of dubFrequency.com (2008/2009), our ethos has always centered around discovery, curation, and authenticity. dFm, as a content/experiential agency, was created in 2010, WestwoodWestwood.com debuted in 2016 and Basic.Space launched in 2019. dFm also began publishing Mirage Magazine in 2014.

As of April 2020, all content and creative services for brands are under the newly redesigned and repositioned WestwoodWestwood. In June, Basic Space will officially rebrand as Basic.Space and introduce new product features exclusive to the platform. Mirage Magazine issue 05 is slated to be in-stores (online and offline) by end of July.

We are strongly committed to supporting and investing in exceptional talent, innovation and creativity; dFm is a celebration of our global ecosystem.


Commerce Platform

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Creative + Content

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