Soylent and Tumblr
Yung Jake Week

Yung Jake is a multi-disciplinary digital artist known for wildly innovative pieces that have earned him “viral” internet status, a Webby Award, and Kanye West’s attention. “Discovery” is at the forefront of our ethos, so we have chosen to nurture this talent with strategic partnerships and agency support. In addition to positioning him as the featured artist for the Twitter #CultureCollective in LA, we created “Yung Jake Week,” a five day series showcasing Jake’s various talents.

Designed to showcase Yung Jake’s various pieces in music, digital/fine art, and commentary, the week came to life in a series of heavily-attended discussion panels, mixtape releases, gallery shows, and parties.

We brought in Soylent and Tumblr as sponsors for week. To further our reach, we partnered with Snapchat, showcasing the event on the official Los Angeles Snapchat story.