Heron Preston Art Basel 2019

As the art world cognoscenti descended upon South Beach for 2019’s Art Basel, we held a multi-day interactive workshop experience just across the bay in Miami’s Design District curated by creative director, DJ, artist and designer Heron Preston. Cash App sponsored the multi-day event, consistent with their commitment to support the creative community.



The workshops tapped into core concepts close to Heron, including unlocking everyday creativity and incorporating sustainable solutions in the design process through reusing, recycling, and repurposing ideas and materials. Heron’s workshop centered around his authorized fakes concepts, which raises questions around authenticity. Rodrigo Caula and Enrico Pietra of NUOVA led a chair making workshop focused on creating a series of recycled furniture customized by the public and built onsite. To round out the experience, Nicole McLaughlin, a contemporary artist and designer, held a workshop designing DIY footwear. With the unique experiences held over the course of a weekend we presented guests the rare opportunity at Art Basel to interact, ideate and create, rather than just passively view and purchase art.