Watermelon Night Market

Glow Recipe invited influencers and editors to a watermelon-themed night market event to celebrate the launch of their pop-up at the Grove. Inspired by Seoul’s Korean Night Markets, dFm created an event that brought guests into Glow Recipe’s watermelon world and Korean origins.

Guests, including Jordyn Woods, experienced food, beverages, and activities that melded Korean and American influences, with a splash of the watermelon ingredients that make Glow Recipe’s products so incredible. Mia Carucci spun hip-hop and K-Pop tunes while guests enjoyed Korean bites like Kimbop, Cotton Hi’s epic cotton candy desserts, and watermelon-inspired cocktails like the “Crazy Rich Watermelon,” with Skyy Vodka and Pressed Juicery juice.

A Glow Recipe merch tent had sweatshirts, bags, face masks, and more on offer. Guests were invited to an early peek at the pop-up, where they could find a Korean skincare routine perfectly customized for their skin  — all with Glow Recipe-approved products, of course!